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Get His help wehre you need it.

Through Skype we are able to offer a Sozo sessions to all those who, for one reason or another, can't attend a direct Sozo session.

Skype Sozo are for adults and use the same Sozo tools as a Sozo session. To have a skype Sozo you need to have a Skype account. Details of our Skype name will be given after booking and we will agree a convenient time to Skype.

More details about Sozo can be found on

There is a suggested donation of £35 for Sozo sessions.

Cheques should be made payable to Kingdom Ministries. We accept both cash and card payments at the time of your Sozo. You can also pre-pay for your Sozo with a credit or debit card by visiting our store.

As we are a Sozo resourcer we do train others in Sozo, which means sometimes we have a third person in a session observing for training purposes. We are also a mixed male/female team. If you have any issues with someone of the opposite gender being in your Sozo please do let us know when booking your Sozo.

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You can download the forms needed to book a Sozo, and apply on line for a Sozo by clicking here, or call us on 07557 967889.

You can give your feedback and comments from your Sozo by clicking here.

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