Celebrate School Of Supernatural Ministry

Rise up, O Lord, in all your power.
    With music and singing we celebrate your mighty acts” Psalm 21 :3



Celebrating the Kingdom In All Its Glory

Building on the success of the Kingdom School of Supenatural Ministry that Stuart and Liz Gregg pioneered in 2012 the new Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry will call a new generation of believers into being revivalists like Smith Wigglesworth who walked in the presence of God, helped others have supernatural encounters that led to true faith and demonstrate the KINGDOM with supernatural signs.

  "I arrived  closed, resistant and afraid of being exposed but knowing I was in the right place,  I have been challenged in how I see myself, how I see the Lover of my soul and how I relate to people. There have been tears, laughter, incredulity, and a forging of friendships that I hope will last. I have found a safe place to explore and expose my theology and belief systems (many of which have been wrongly held for years)   Our God is vast and limitless and taking this time out has only increased my hunger to receive and express more of Him."
1st year school of ministry student.

Celebrating Power, Presence, Passion and People

Celebrate Power – we raise up revivalists who demonstrate the gospel with supernatural power. Following the command of Jesus in Matthew 8v10 to  "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!"

Celebrate Presence – we carry the presence of God with us wherever we go and so desire to encounter God in worship and prayer.

Celebrate Passion – we raise up passionate disciples who take risks, love the lost and give to the poor and bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

Celebrate People – we create a culture where each individual lives in the identity God gives them and a culture of honour. Celebrating people means we learn to grow through mistakes and live in our destiny.

Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry is a 10 month, one evening a week school of ministry that incorporates presence, supernatural encounter, activations and mission.


For more information and the full application process please go to the Celebrate School website www.celebratesupernaturalschool.org.uk.

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