Stuart and Liz have spoken and led at numerous conferences on a wide range of topics.


A number of worskshops can be delivered with flexible patterns of evenings or day sessions. Typical workshops include;

  • Leading from vision and values. A one day event giving teaching and practical sessions on setting a vision for a Church or group, the importance of values, value keepers and how to identify them and change managment.
  • Kingdom First. A one day event to teach the priority of the Kingdom, New and Old Testament background on the Kingdom and the importance of covenant.
  • Moving in signs and wonders. A one day event (or can be combined with Kingdom first) to give a firm Biblical foundation for signs and wonders as well as impartation and practical sesions on healing, prophecy and words of knowledge.
  • Kingdom Marriages. A one day event summarising and delivering key lessons from our marriage preparation course. Sessions include building a Biblical foundation for marriage, setting new patterns, communication and arguing well.


As a Bethel Sozo certified trainer Liz can offer specialist training events.

  • Basic Sozo. Normally a two day training or an evening and full day. Session will include the four main Sozo tools (Father ladder, four doors, the wall and presenting Jesus), forgiveness and how to deliver Sozos.
  • Advanced Sozo Mentoring. A one day training. Attendees need to have been on Advanced Sozo training or at least seen the DVDs. It does not replace the need to do live training but is additional to help people practice the tools and incorporate in Sozos. The cost is low as it does not include a manual (normally received at a live training) but does need to cover travel etc for the trainer.
  • Financial Sozo Mentoring. A one day training. Ideally attendees need to have participated in a Prosperous Soul training either live or on DVD. This mentoring will include live demos of financial Sozo as well as practice sessions. To be part of a team and deliver financial Sozos attendance at a Basic and Advanced Sozo training is required.
  • Sozo for Couples. Liz, along with Daryl and Anthea Cocup developed Sozo for Couples. For more information go to Sozo for Couples Training in delivery of Sozo for Couples sessions can be arranged via the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • Prosperous Soul. Prosperous Soul is a 2 day training that address this issues behind destructive financial patterns. It looks at the healthy biblical mindsets that are needed to be able to have a Kingdom mindset in finances. For more details go to Prosperous Soul.


  • Finances. You will need to decide on how much you want to charge for a conference or wokshops. The fee will need to include the cost of premises (heating/lighting/room hire), travel expenses (45p per mile) for the trainer and a gift for them, cost of tea/ coffee/biscuits/meals for the trainers/hotel costs. For Sozo training the fee also needs to cover the cost of any Sozo manuals. If you want more help working out costs we can give you suggested guidelines.
  • Lunch. You need to decide if this will be included in the cost or if you want this as an extra cost or delegates bring packed lunch.
  • Tea/ Coffee. Will this be included in the cost of the conference?
  • PA/Projection system. Do you have access to a good P.A. system and projector plus someone who can work this?
  • Worship. Do you have a team who can do worship during the conference? (needed more for basic Sozo than advanced or financial)
  • Advertising. We suggest using a system like Eventbrite or Eventbee that people can use to book and will collect fees for you. We expect that all flyers/advertising of the event will carry our logo and website details. For Sozo events publicity should also include Bethel Sozo UK logo this is so that those attending will be able to easily identify that the course is a Bethel Sozo course.
  • Accommodation. Have you suitable accommodation for the trainer? If you don’t, have you included in your costs?
  • Resources. We can bring a range of resouces with us to any workshop or conference. For Sozo events we can advise on supply of the manuals required.