“I really enjoyed the day and found it very helpful. The prayer time was particularly powerful for me and I'm pleased to say that I had an amazing time at my bankruptcy hearing where the judge was extremely supportive of my case”

Attendee at Financial Sozo Mentoring Day


Liz is the Bethel Sozo facilitator for West Yorkshire and a certified Sozo trainer. She has trained and released dozens of Church based teams and trained hundreds at training events.

Liz is the UK national financial Sozo 'go to' person.

As an experienced Sozo provider Liz has the experience, Spiritual insight and prophectic insight to see release in others and raise up new Sozo teams.

She can be contacted via the form below or at

Liz can deliver a number of Sozo training events;

  • Basic Sozo. Normally a two day training or an evening and full day. Session will include the four main Sozo tools (Father ladder, four doors, the wall and presenting Jesus), forgiveness and how to deliver Sozos.
  • Advanced Sozo Mentoring. A one day training. Attendees need to have been on Advanced Sozo training or at least seen the DVDs. It does not replace the need to do live training but is additional to help people practice the tools and incorporate in Sozos. The cost is low as it does not include a manual (normally received at a live training) but does need to cover travel etc for the trainer.
  • Sozo for Couples. Liz, along with Daryl and Anthea Cocup developed Sozo for Couples. For more information go to Sozo for Couples Training in delivery of Sozo for Couples sessions can be arranged via the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • Prosperous Soul. Prosperous Soul is a 2 day training that address this issues behind destructive financial patterns. It looks at the healthy biblical mindsets that are needed to be able to have a Kingdom mindset in finances. For more details go to Prosperous Soul.
  • Financial Sozo Mentoring. A one day training. Ideally attendees need to have participated in a Prosperous Soul training either live or on DVD. This mentoring will include live demos of financial Sozo as well as practice sessions. To be part of a team and deliver financial Sozos attendance at a Basic and Advanced Sozo training is required.
  • Financial Sozo Teaching. This is a one day taster day for teams who want to know more about financial Sozo, what it is and why we need it. Attendees need be interested in financial Sozo or know Sozo but don’t need to have done Prosperous soul training. It helps teams and individuals explore if financial Sozo is something that they want to step into and what the benefits would be.
  • Basic Sozo Mentoring Day. A one day training. Attending a Mentoring Day is an opportunity to accelerate the development process. We all learn best by observing and “doing”, a mentoring day gives you an opportunity to gain experience and learning much quicker than normal.
  • An Information Day. A one day training opportunity to learn more about;
    • What is Bethel Sozo?
    • Sozo’s unique contribution to the wider church Inner Healing and Deliverance ministry scene.
    • The main tools
    • How it works in the local church.
    Normally an Information Day is hosted by a local church that is interested in setting up a Sozo team and wants to better understand the ministry before getting involved in a full training. We encourage host churches to offer an open invitation to other local churches, although that is a decision for the host leadership. It usually lasts 2 1/2 hours so can be done on an evening.

For more details on booking Liz please see our conferences and workshops page.