You can apply for CSSM either by downloading the form or filling it online here.
The form takes about 45 minutes to be filled in.
The online form needs to be completed in one go, if you leave the page you will need to start all over again.

Are you applying for the full
or part time school ?

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If you attend a Church, which one is it ?
How long have you attended
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Have you you changed Church in the last
six months ?

If you have changed Church in the last 6 months please describe how things
were left in the relationsip between yourself and the leaders of the Church.

What areas of Church life are you serving or have you served in the past?

Which spiritual gifts would you say you currently operate in ? (Read 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 and Romans 12:6-8 for some guidance.)

Have you been baptised by full immersion as a believer ?

Do you agreee to minister in a manner
consistent with the CSSM guidelines ?

*What is your attittude to being monitored and lovingly
corrected when necessary ?

*Please briefly desribe your experiences
of the Holy Spirit :

*Please briefly desribe how and when
you gave your life to Jesus :

*Please briefly desribe your current walk with God :

Do you feel called to any particular area
of ministry ?

Do you have any physical disability ?

Have you ever been treated, or had treatment recommended, for any emotional or mental
health issue ?

Please list and medication you presently taking and the purpose of any such medication:

How would others describe your temperament ?

What is your highest educational award ?

CSSM offers two streams for homework, reflective and applied, which would you expect to follow ?

Please list any such musical abilities you have :

How do you intend to pay for CSSM ?

How did you hear about CSSM ?

Why do you wish to attend CSSM ?

CSSM uses DVD material from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry based in Redding, California. What, if any, has been your exposure to Bethel Teaching ?

Please provide three references.
Pastoral reference (normally from Church leader).
Your Name :
*Email :

First Personal reference.
Referee Name :
*Email :

Second Personal reference.
Referee Name :
*Email :

Answering YES to any of the question will NOT disqualify you have from attending CSSM, but please answer honestly. 

Do you have any life controlling issues or addictions that you are struggling with (e.g. drugs, alcohol, eating disorder, pornography) ?

Have you been convicted of any crimes
(other than speeding offensese) ?

Have you been involved with cults, witchcraft or the occult ?

By submitting this form I agree that any falsification of information on this application may be grounds for this dismissal at any time. I further agree to Kingdom Ministries and Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry keeping electronic and paper copies of all data submitted on this form.

Please send your deposit of £100 (full time) or £50 (part time) with your application form.

Please make cheques payable to Kingdom Ministries.

You can also pay your deposit by visiting our store.