Couple's SOZO

"Tim and I had our first Sozo for couple recently and found it to be a very intimate, vulnerable and healing time. Neither of us was aware of any areas that particularly needed addressing, however Holy Spirit gently guided us to issues he wanted to heal and restore. The session was sensitive and empowering, it felt a very safe place to be honest and open in. Tim and I feel closer and actually feel, even after 32 years of marriage like we know each other a bit better. I would highly recommend any couple to invest in this ministry to enhance their relationship. "

Sue and Tim Eldridge, Directors of Presence Ministries International and European Leaders Alliance ( ELA)


How does Sozo for Couples fit in with Bethel Sozo?

Sozo for Couples uses the Sozo tools developed by Dawna De Silva and Teresa Liebscher to help couples connect with God and find healing.

Sozo for couples is for couples who:-

  • Want a marriage health check
  • Couples who have a particular issue
  • Couples who are struggling with multiple issues
  • Couples who are engaged and want to be married

What will a session do?

Sozo for couples will:-

  • Help connect you with God
  • Help connect you with each other
  • Help you deal with any issues blocking your relationship

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A Couple's Sozos usually last about an 90 minutes and the suggested donation is £45. Depending on the reason for Couple's Sozo you may need to have more than one session.

Cheques should be made payable to Kingdom Ministries. We accept both cash and card payments at the time of your Sozo. You can also pre-pay for your Sozo with a credit or debit card by visiting our store.

More details about Sozo can be found on

As we are a Sozo resourcer we do train others in Sozo, this means sometimes we have a third person in a session observing for training purposes. We are also a mixed male/female team. If you have any issues with someone of the opposite gender being in your Sozo please do let us know when booking your Sozo.

Get in touch

You can download the forms needed to book a Sozo, and apply on line for a Sozo by clicking here, or call us on 07557 967889.

You can give your feedback and comments from your Sozo by clicking here.